Thursday, June 23, 2005

Electric Ballroom saved

When the God Machine members came to London, they were broke, had no instruments and lived in squats. Many of you know that they sold jeans in Camden Market to get some money together (hence 'Death of a salesman'). A lesser known fact is that besides selling jeans Robin had a second job selling drinks at the Electric Ballroom (what a great name for a venue!). The future of the Electric Ballroom has been in some doubt as the city council wanted to tear it down in order to expand Camden Town tube station. The NME just revealed that due to a media campaign the Electric Ballroom will now be saved from demolition.
If you're in London you can easily check out the Electric Ballroom on Sundays when the venue is used as a market place where they sell cd's and clothing. They're even selling clothes on stage. :-)

Here's the piece from the NME:

LONDON venue the ELECTRIC BALLROOM has escaped closure.

The future of the Camden hall fell into doubt after plans to extend the nearby tube station required its demolishment.

However following a public enquiry, plus stars including Bob Geldof and Nick Cave sticking up for the venue, the Electric Ballroom has been saved, The Evening Standard reports.

The tube extension scheme was deemed to have " devastating impact" on the character and appearance of the area, would be "detrimental to the viability and vitality of Camden Town" and would have "unfortunate far-reaching social and economic consequences", according to the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, whose department conducted the inquiry.

The Electric Ballroom has witnessed several legendary performances including the Sex Pistols, Oasis and Cave, who welcomed the venue’s reprieve saying: "The Electric Ballroom is part of the lifeblood of Camden Town, and long may it remain so."


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