Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Movie Star, Movie Star, ahahar

Last year Robin was asked to write some music for a movie by German moviemaker Leander Hausmann. His new movie will be called 'NVA'. They kept asking Robin to write songs for different parts of the movie and he felt really uncomfortable writing about something that he couldn't connect with on an emotional level. So that didn’t work out and they ended up using 'Swept Back' but nothing else.

Another German movie with Sophia music in it is ‘Weltmarktführer – Die Geschichte des Tan Siekmann’ and was premiered last weekend. It will be shown in all the major German cities during the next few months. The trailer of the movie can be seen HERE.The music in the trailer is Sophia’s Reprise. BTW, what is it with those Germans and Reprise (see: Absolute Giganten)?

And ‘Swept Back’ can be found on the soundtrack of another German movie called The Edukators (aka ‘Die Fetten jahre sind vorbei’). I don’t think the song is actually in the movie but hey, EMI has to sell some cd’s so…


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