Friday, April 15, 2005


There's a new feature on the blog: Radio.Blog. It's a nice piece of flash software that I can use as a sort of private radio station. All the tracks are streamed and load pretty quickly. Quality is only 64 kbps, but then again: you can always buy the cd! :-) The radioblog is more of a teaser.
At the moment I've listed some Flower Shop bands and 2 covers of Sophia's 'So slow'. The Tex La Homa one has been on the site for quite some time, but the version by The Shallows will be new to most of you.
If you're done reading the blog you can always lauch the player as a pop-up (right bottom of the player), close the blog and continue listening.
I've already had some reports by Mac users that the Radio does not show up on the main page of the blog. They had to click on one of the 'Previous posts' before they got the player. I hope to fix that soon...


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