Thursday, January 20, 2005

Copenhagen on listening post

Flower Shop band Copenhagen again... If you want to listen to the full album in an excellent audio stream, then check out the VPRO Luisterpaal. It's some sort of online listening post with a bunch of cool music. They put new albums on it several times a week. (You have to click 'Omlaag' to scroll down to older albums.)
It's over here, dudes:
You can still buy the album at the online Flower Shop store.

BTW, if you're at the Luisterpaal, check out the Victory album by Daan. He's Belgian and currently on some kind of disco trip. Groovy. 'Housewife' was a big hit this summer, and it's a bloody instrumental! It really rocks when they play it live.
Daan has a brilliant voice (check out the albums he made with Rudy Trouvé (ex-dEUS) as Dead Man Ray) and - here comes the Sophia connection - just like Robin Proper-Sheppard he's a regular at the L'Archiduc pub in Brussels. Was that a bit far-fetched? Ok, I'll shut up now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really have been liking the adds a whole new dimension to the site...good stuff. Link me up if you want to my blog as will see some GM/Sophia references and influence.


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