Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sonic Front R.I.P.

God Machine fans will no doubt recognise the quote in the above picture/obituary. The quote's from a Bertolucci movie and was also used in 'Dream Machine' on the first God Machine album.

Christoph Renne was a member of the German band Sonic Front and was diagnosed with cancer a while ago. He passed away last December. Kai from Sonic Front - who's a big God Machine and Sophia fan - sent me an e-mail today explaining how - sadly - this makes him think about what happened with The God Machine and Jimmy Fernandez. Just like Jimmy had just finished the second GM album , Christoph had just finished most of his parts for the new Sonic Front album. And just like the remaining God Machine members couldn't go on without Jimmy, Sonic Front are so devestated by the loss of their band member that they have decided to split up the band. Or as Kai said it "My band died the same day Christoph did."

Life's a bitch...


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