Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Well, here we go. This blog is supposed to be a safe haven for all vaguely Sophia related stuff that's to marginal to fit on www.sophiamusic.net
Expect a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. Expect a lot of useless information. Expect some gossip. Expect in-jokes. Honestly I really don't know what you should expect. Me rambling on about Sophia I suppose. You know as much as I do, I'm just another idiot with a blog!


Blogger Frank Realitos said...

Hey Robin!
Too funny that you started a blog the week I decide to do a big post on Sophia/TGM/TMQ etc etc.

Hope all is well with you...please play Los Angeles one day.

2:10 am  
Blogger wouter said...

All entries in the blog are signed as 'Wouter'. So this is NOT a blog by Robin. Thought I should mention this to avoid any confusion!

6:57 pm  

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