Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Duyster session

For those daily visitors of the site who have noticed that the recording date of the session track on the duyster cd has been changing over the past few days , here is why: I first assumed that the track would come from the duyster session that Robin recorded on 7.01.2004, so I put that on the site. When I bought the cd this weekend, I noticed that according to the sleeve notes the track was recorded on 18.01.2003. As far as I know there was no Sophia session on that date. Strange! But after a little bit of detective work I found that the 7.01.2004 session was first aired on 18.01.2004. So the sleeve notes confused the recording date with the airing date and they also got the year wrong! So the liner notes are wrong and the track is indeed from the 7.01.2004 session which was first aired on 18.01.2004. Still with me? Ok. Still Whitney? Not ok!

Speaking of detective work: seems our announcement that Sophia would play the Cactus Festival was a bit on the quick side. Turns out negociations are still not finished and no contract has been signed yet. Ooops. Apparently the people at Cactus weren't too happy, probably because this sort of announcements kinda undermines their negociation position. Sorry, guys! :-)


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