Tuesday, February 15, 2005

So many plans, so little time...

You might have heard about the Sophia duets album that was scrapped, but I recently bumped into 2 other projects that never materialised:

In 1994, after Jimmy passed away and The God Machine came to an end, an interviewer asked Robin what his plans for the future were. Robin answered this: "We’re planning to gather and write some music for a ballet. A part of The God Machine repertoire will emerge in this too, although in a more acoustic setting. It seems like a great way to be able to do something with all this beautiful music after all. A sort of last concert."

And in 1999 Robin seemed to plan a side project with a Swiss singer-songwriter called Polar (www.polar-music.com). This comes from a Swedish fan to whom he mentioned the project:
"Robin is preparing for a new one-off project, together with a guy from Switzerland called Polar. They haven't yet decided what the name of the cooperation will be, but it will result in a CD, pressed in only 1000-5000 copies or so, only for the hardcore fans, and then maybe some live shows, nothing decided yet."
It kinda sounds like this was the first step of what later turned into the May Queens project. But without the Polar guy...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would have been real interesting to have seen those projects materialize. But as they say, there is a reason for all that happens...or doesn't happen.



3:23 am  
Anonymous jon said...

i remeber reading something in the NME or somewhere, before Jimmy Fenandes died, that God Machine had been working on scoring a ballet, i think, in Prague??? it's a long time ago but i've always wondered what happened to that... 'One Last Laugh...' remains in my all time top 10 albums.

2:08 pm  

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