Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Adam Franklin on Sophia

Here's a paragraph form a recent Adam Franklin (Swervedriver, Sophia collective, Toshack Highway) interview, where he talks about his work for Sophia.

And, Sophia is something that I've done off and on for quite a few years now. Me and Steve George first did some shows in Copenhagen and Cologne I think in 1997, and then carried on doing Sophia tours in between the Swervedriver stuff - and the contrast couldn't have been greater! It seemed like we'd go from these raucous rocking shows in the USA and Australia to these quiet considered shows in France and Belgium where we'd be sitting down on stage. Sophia's more of a rock thing again now though - we're even standing up again!
And the last little stint just round Europe before Christmas we had a string quartet with us so there were nine of us on stage, it was fun. Also Jeff and Will, who are really the core of Sophia on drums and piano also did the very first Toshack gigs over here in the US.

(interview by Larry Queen for Queensizemusic.com)


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