Sunday, June 19, 2005

Spanish interview

I just added the first Sophia interview of 2005 to the site. The honour goes to the people behind . The interview was done at the Primavera Sound Festival last month and happens to be the very first Spanish interview Robin has ever done. When asked about the lack of publicity for Sophia's last album in Spain, Robin had a go at EMI. "City Slang es una buena compañía, pero EMI es una mierda. Lo eran al principio, y ahora también..." or "City Slang is a good company but EMI are shit. Always have been and still are..."
EMI used to distribute and (not) promote the City Slang releases outside Germany. As explained in a previous post, that deal recently ended.

If you wanna read the whole interview, get a rough translation of this URL: at >


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