Monday, June 06, 2005

City Slang - V2 - Labels -

City Slang (who released Sophia's 'People are like seasons' album) have just announced a new licensing deal. They are parting company with Labels/EMI and will now work with V2 (Europe) and Wichita (UK). It has been rumoured that things haven't been very well between City Slang and EMI/Labels for quite a while now. Under these circumstances it seemed unlikely that Sophia would release another album on City Slang. Maybe this new licensing deal might change things again...

This news is probably also the final stab for the site which was hosted by EMI/Labels. The site had been commissioned by the record company without actual approval of the band. I had to point out to Robin myself that the site was online. :-)
As with most sites hosted by record companies the updates were far and between. Last (and now probably: final) update was July 2004! They managed to keep their website alive for exactly half a year. Well done guys.
However, the annoying thing is that still today loads of Sophia articles or features in magazines and websites point their readers to for further information (see Pukkelpop site). Thus guiding them to a very informational and up to date site! ;-)
If you're reading this, you now better.

Press release (in German)


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Pukkelpop have now changed the link on their site.

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