Friday, July 04, 2008

Sister 7" on The Flower Shop Recordings

If you've checked out the photos from Sophia's gig at the Arti Vive festival you might have noticed two more or less new faces in the band: Alan on guitar and Steve on bass. I say more or less new as Steve already played bass with Sophia during the 2004 People Are Like Seasons festival dates.
Anyways, Alan and Steve also play in a band called SISTER that, in true old-school Sophia Collective style, will be released on Robin's The Flower Shop Recordings. A limited edition etched 7" will be put out September 1st.
In the meanwhile you can get a taste of SISTER right here:

Cactus final line-up (including time schedule)

Dark Captain Light Captain EP + free MP3

Some more news for the Dark Captain Light Captain boys:
"Lo Recordings/LOAF is pleased to announce the release of East London six-piece Dark Captain Light Captain’s acclaimed debut, the Circles EP, in the US on July 15. Comprised of Dan Carney (guitar, vocals), Giles Littleford (guitar, vocals), Neil Kleiner (electronics, vocals), Chin Keeler (drums), Laura Copsey (brass, vocals) and Michael Cranny (bass, vocals), Dark Captain Light Captain weave these songs into a haunting web of psychedelia with sweet harmonies, chiming guitars, spaced out brass and touches of electronic deviance. The songs on this EP have been lovingly polished and brought into focus by the team of Robin Proper-Sheppard (The God Machine, Sophia) and Kenny Jones."

Here's a free MP3 from the EP: They Be Underwater