Thursday, February 04, 2010

Reissues update!

Dear De Nachten Shoppers,

Hopefully you are starting to receive your orders by now? I think we got everything out the door on Thursday and Friday so rest assured they are on their way.

But some of you might be saying "Hey, What the... Where's my De Nachten CD?" and rightly so!

Basically we were told that De Nachten would arrive on Tuesday but when they didn't arrive we were told it would be the NEXT Tuesday (which generally seems to mean Thursday...) and so we decided to send everything out minus De Nachten.

We know that most of you would have happily (and I'm sure very patiently!) waited another few days but I just really wanted to get these out to you and since this was the second delay on De Nachten I was becoming a little impatient myself.

I promise the day they arrive here they will be in the post to all of you!

Not that it matters but... I was so happy to actually feel the real-life copies of Fixed Water, Infinite Circle and Collections again. It's been so long since I've had copies of these myself and it really brought back memories.

Fixed Water: The little album that was never supposed to be an album. A new life for me. I honestly never thought that I would do music after The God Machine. And I certainly never felt as though I was a songwriter but after writing So Slow I had to admit that, just maybe, there were things I could say in music that I couldn't say in person. I learned a lot about myself through Fixed Water.

Infinite Circle: Directionless and Reprise. I think I've finally accepted that I'll probably always be directionless. Aren't we all though? Just a little? And again, there's something about Reprise... It just feels so small and lost and vulnerable. Not that I feel lost and small and vulnerable (of course) but there's something in there, maybe a little music-spirit, that's just crying out to be found. I guess that probably sounds stupid, huh?

De Nachten: (OK. I haven't actually seen finished copies yet but when getting all the parts together for the repress...) This album reminds me of my daughter. Even just looking at it reminds me of her. The Sea. What can I say? So hopeful. And protective. And dark. And sad. And the fact that we got the whole audience to sing happy birthday to her still gives me goosebumps...

Collections: Wind In Your Sail... "Someday. Someday we will stop fighting and let each other go..." Do we really want to let each other go? Sometimes I still think it was worth the fight for. I am just a hopeless romantic though.

Oh I guess I got a little side-tracked reminiscing? Sorry.

So to cut another one of my long stories short... Your De Nachten CD's will be on their way shortly!

Take care y'all and hopefully see you soon,

Robin and The Flower Shop Elves


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