Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bollnas Wolverines - Blair Hollands

Time for an update on some of the folks in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen singer Neil G. Henderson recorded a 14 track album with his new outfit Bollnas Wolverines.
The album is called 'Abandoned' and is available for free download at LastFM right about HERE.
This is an interesting excerpt from the release notes: "We're starting off with a rough diamond and over time will polish it. So like software we will have the occasional update. So view this as v1.0. Feel free to offer suggestions for improvements – maybe we're working towards the worlds first open source Album."

4.At the Pass
5.Someone Else's Swimmer
6.Act of Being Polite
7.Glass Mountain
8.A Silence
9.The Wire Admission
11.It's S
12.Strict Time
14.Stop the Music
All songs within the Wolverines camp except 6 by The Residents and 14 by Quentin Crisp.
Bollnas Wolverines are Neil G Henderson and Steve Escott. With additional vocal and graphics by Paul Gosden and Kirsa Wilkenschildt respectively.
All songs written and recorded Jan – May 2009.

And last year Robin Proper-Sheppard assisted Blair Jollands (from The Thin Men and also guitar in Copenhagen) with the recording of a solo acoustic album. The album is being mixed as we speak but you can already check out some of these tracks on Jollands' MySpace. His voice reminds me a bit of Finn Andrews from The Veils.


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