Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sophia album update

Some news from the studio:

Right now Robin is putting the final touches to 'There Are No Goodbyes' (out 27 April 2009). The title track is a beautiful 6 minute up-tempo track about heartbreak and fucking things up in the vein of the Sophia we've come to know and love on the last few albums.

The rest of the album will be quite different though. One can only guess what the song that Robin mentions here will sound like: "I'm meeting Neil from Dark Captain Light Captain to add bass clarinet to a song that I can only describe as ambient alt-country that could have been on The Cure's 'Seventeen Seconds'."

And Robin added this too:
"Last night we turned 'Something' into a lovely duet (with someone that I know loves me even though I'm jealous and possessive and neurotic, insecure and obsessive... )."

Robin mentioned the 'Something' lyrics before in his blog:
I'm jealous
And possessive
Insecure, neurotic and obsessive...

And I know that I ain't easy but I love you
Oh I love you

And that's gotta mean something
Yeah doesn't that mean something?
Especially these days
When nothing seems to mean anything


Blogger aisforanxiety said...

I can't wait! Sounds amazing!

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