Friday, April 25, 2008

All about squirrels and gophers...

If you've been to the Sophia MySpace in recent times you might have noticed that the squirrels at Hope House (where TWSU was recorded) have joined web 2.0 and set up their own MySpace page! The cheeky chaps even sent me the following message today:

Hello Wouter,

I'm sorry but we, the squirrels of Hope House, don't add bands, humans or wannna-be pornstars to our list.

Sophia being the exception, of course, because Robin fed us, watched us play, and even set us free when we accidentally got stuck stealing food from the gardeners gopher trap.

We like gophers though. It's just that some people think they make a mess. I think Robin likes gophers too. But not as much as squirrels. Once he found a gopher in a trap and set it free as well. But he didn't tell the gardener.

Robin is our friend. And he's not grumpy at all.

We'll happily add our fellow friends of the wilderness as well as our more comfortably domesticated brethren too though so please request away!

Take care!

The SoHH


Blogger wouter said...

Mmm, I wonder if I should take the 'wanna-be pornstars' part personal?

5:27 pm  

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