Saturday, December 24, 2005

Best of 2005

It's that time of the year again. In alphabetical order, these are - in my humble opinion - the best 10 records of 2005. I've put a song from each album in the radio blog.

Arcade Fire - Funeral
'Wake up': even now, when Win Butler screams "I guess we'll just have to adjust" it's still a real hairs on the back of the neck moment. Song of the year?

dEUS - Pocket revolution
Belgium's best export product is back! And it's as brilliant as ever.

Idlewild - Warnings/Promises
As strong as all their other albums. Failed to catch on outside the UK & US. They didn't even tour Europe on the back of this album.

Millionaire - Paradisiac
More Belgian stuff. Produced by Josh Homme. Ex-dEUS and ex-Evil Superstars member Tim Vanhamel releases a bunch of metal weirdness. Are you experienced enough?

Ladytron - Witching hour
This music feels like a warm winterstorm. Children of the electroclash scene.
Their best album so far.

LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem
Discoverd by the boys from Soulwax. The Fall meets dance music meets cowbells.

My Morning Jacket - Z
Americana. Their masterwork. An absolute must have.

Nine Inch Nails - With teeth
Not as blistering as 'Broken' and 'The downward spiral' but still yummy stuff. If you have a chance to see them live, don't hesitate.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies to paralyze
No comment needed.

White Circle Crime Club - Written in black
Hardcore meets Sonic Youth meets krautrock. Their first release sounded a bit too much like At The Drive-In, but this album is a big step forward.

Runners up: Absynthe Minded - New Day, Admiral Freebee - Songs, Anthony & The Johnsons - I am a bird now, Daan - Cinema, Hopewell - The birds of appetite, M83 - Before the dawn heals us, Morrissey - Live at Earls Court, Stephen Malkmus - Face the truth.


Anonymous frederic said...

01 EARLY DAY MINERS all harm ends here
02 MONO/WORLD'S END GIRLFRIEND palmless prayer/mass murder refrain
03 IDAHO the lone gunman
04 SIGUR ROS takk..
05 EDITORS the back room
06 SYSTEM OF A DOWN mesmerize/hypnotize
07 TROY VON BALTHAZAR troy von balthazar
08 SUFJAN STEVENS illinoise
10 BILLY CORGAN the future embrace

8:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Am glad to see that Idlewild is up there..., just such an amazing album. I see that from there website that have recently left there record company. Perhaps disappointed with the lack of comerical success for the album/ support from the record company?

2:12 pm  
Blogger wouter said...

And Roddy's recording a solo album with more folky songs. Idlewild will focus on the harder stuff. I can see why they're doing it, but I always liked the mix of harder songs & softer songs on their albums. It kind of reminds me of Sophia albums. :-)

8:24 pm  

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