Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Keeping it Peel (updated)

The BBC have set up an extensive site documenting the work of John Peel and all the sessions he recorded. You can check out The God Machine page here. The page also documents the Peel session that TGM recorded on 21/04/1992. They played 4 songs: Commitment, Desert Song, Double Dare and Pictures Of A Bleeding Boy.
You might remember that these renditions of Double Dare and Commitent ended up on different versions of the Home single.

Funnily enough all this info trashes most of the previously available info about the TGM Peel Session. It is usually listed as recorded on 29/05/1992 (which is actually the date on which the session was first broadcast) and has the following track list: I've seen the man, Prostitute, It's all over. There is a radio session floating around with these 3 tracks, but they must be from a different BBC session. I'll give a pint to the person who can name that session. Being from Belgium, that will ofcourse be a pint of Stella.

UPDATE: The pint goes to Jean-Paul who kindly let us know that the session must be a BBC1 Evening Session.


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