Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pukkelpop trivia

Robin was the last artist to be interviewed in the live Pukkelpop broadcast by Studio Brussel. Strangely enough Robin hung around in their studio when they wheeled in the champagne right after his interview. How odd! ;-)

During the Pukkelpop sound check Robin treated us with a part of a new song he wrote. I only managed to decipher parts of the lyrics but it sounded as great as ever. It lyrics seemed to have a sort of religious them: “I’m glad that you found Jesus” and “God knows…” but I’m pretty sure that as usual there’s gonna be a twist somewhere.
Talking about new songs and the new album: the last hurdle seems to be getting the whole band in the studio at the same time. Once that is accomplished recording can begin.

Robin was recently dubbed “Mr White” by Jonathon Donahue of Mercury Rev fame. Anyone who’s seen the photos from this summer’s gigs, knows why.

Funnily enough when I was typing the Pukkelpop review the song “Fly, Robin, fly” (by Silver Convention) came on the radio! I kid you not.
“Fly, robin fly
Fly, robin fly
Fly, robin fly
Up, up to the sky”

My review and many more will be added to the tour section in the next few days…


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