Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Frequenze Disturbate

Last weekend Sophia played a gig in the beautiful settings of Urbino, Italy. Judging from the reviews I managed to track down, they played in a sort of acoustic setting with just Robin and his guitar, the string section and a double bass. Robin played acoustic versions of 'Bastards' and 'Oh my love' (which was dedicated to Adele Bethel of Sons And Daughters) without any amplification during a power blackout. This was the first time that 'oh my love' was played with just a guitar.
I had hoped for a rendition of 'You only tell me you love me when you're drunk' with Adele, but alas. Maybe at Pukkelpop!

Talking of Pukkelpop, I wonder if someone is currently packing her flaming red wig and maracas...

Anyway there are already some great pics of the Urbino gig in the tour section and I should get some more soon.
BTW, the internet can be a funny thing sometimes. I just came across a 'review' of a 3AM party in an Urbino bar with Robin Proper-Sheppard and the guys Echo and the Bunnymen. Alas no pictures. ;-)


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