Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Aereogramme interview MP3

Just bumped into an MP3 of an Aereogramme interview from their 'Seclusion' promo tour. I think I've plugged the brilliant mini-album 'Seclusion' before.
Aereogramme are the rightful heirs to the God Machine throne, in as much that they're not clones but do their own thing. A lazy journalist could describe their sound as a mix between Mogwai and The God Machine. I'm even more lazy than a lazy journalist so I won't even try to describe it. (just check out this mp3 from their site)
Anyway I'm posting this interview as the God Machine is mentioned several times in it. BTW, Aereogramme are currently recording their third full-length album.

UPDATE: Blimey! I forgot to post the actual link to the interview. Without it this is a pretty pointless blog entry! So here we go: http://www.toazted.com/artistinfo.php?artist=525

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Anonymous frederic said...

interesting but i can't find the interview mp3. do you have a link ? thanks ! ;-)

9:43 am  

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