Friday, December 09, 2005

Sharko 2

Now that we're on the subject of Sharko and late night pub crawls, here's some excerpts from the Sharko diary. They played a gig in London in July 2004 and met up with some guy called Robin. hmmm

Ed and Robin
Robin Propper Sheppard is the nicest guy I met for a long time. He played in this great band called "God Machine", leads now the amazing "Sophia", runs the label "FlowerShop". We met him in the street in London on last Thursday...
-"What are you boys doing here?"
-"We're playing at 12BarClub, Denmark Street"
-"Ok,I'll be there"
Fran├žois, our Tourmandaddymotherchief, couldn't believe it, he's a huge fan of Sophia.
Robin just came to the show in this tiny Pub, offered us a lot of beers (London is soooo expensive!), brought Teuk and I to the "hypest" private pub of London, introduced us to his friend Ed Harcourt, who was quite drunk. We stayed at this Pub till they kick us out...London, 3 in the morning, everything's closed, except this weird Latin Bar. The tall guard won't let us in, even if Robin is very polite and persuasive with this short brained Muscle guy:
The guard:"Go away motherfuckers, it's a private party.
Robin:"Ok,thank you.Goodnight Sir"
Ed, to the Muscle Guard:"Fuck off you fuckin' bastard! Do you fucking know who I fucking am!I FUCKING HATE YOUR NOTHINGNESS!"
Teuk and I:"RUN!!!!!"
Julien (Drums)

London, 12 Bar Club, Tom, Robin and Ed. (17/07/04)
Denmark Street, 5pm. Salivating in front of all these expensive vintage guitars. Quick soundcheck, the place is so small, so no need to amplify the guitar and bass. Quick meal, noodle take-away. Tom and Mike arrived, two members of Black Nielson. Robin came with the guitarplayer of his band Sophia. 9.30 Sharko on stage. Short set. No Carwas, sorry Tom. We shake hands with the audience. Julien is asked to play drums with Kathy Carr. She plays keyboard and sings about Dick Turpin. Sounds great. Last whisky-coke. Robin knows a bar in the neighbourhood have to be a member and Robin forgot his card. We try anyway. First 'No Way', Robin blablablaBelgiumblabla, still 'No Way', blablaGoodfriendsblabla...'Ok, just for this time'. 'Hey, Julien, do you still have some money?' Robin knows some people here. 'It's Ed' says Julien. 'Who?' 'Ed! Ed Hartcourt!' Man, this Ed, he speaks loud! Last drinks, where to go's raining...another way to get in...fuck you...yeah, fuck you to. 'Hey look, a casino...'. 'Ok, Jul, let's take a cab...15pounds...noway!...10pounds?...Noway!...Ok, 10pounds! Hotel Shakespeare, 4.30. Room 431.
David (Vocals, bass, guitar)


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