Thursday, December 08, 2005

Robin's Sharko remix

In May 2005 Robin Proper-Sheppard and Kenny Jones went into the studio with SHARKO to rerecord/remix 'Excellent', which is a track from their latest album called 'III'. Sharko is a Belgian band who are sometimes described as a cross between Guided By Voices and The Who.

An MP3 of the track has been exclusively released by Sharko fan site You can go to that site to download it or use this direct link (click right to save).

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Anonymous Robin sez... said...

We actually recorded the song at Rising Sun Studio, Brussels (Home of early Sophia (the Infinite Circle) and May Queens albums) and then David and I mixed in London with Kenny.

A funny story...

Paul (singer) and Nick (bassplayer) in La Merika absolutely LOVE this song and one night we were having a relatively quiet, yet very drunken, party with our friend Joe at Push and they MADE me play 'Excellent' 3 times in row.

Every time it finished there was them singing 'I'm special EXCELLENT, YOUR special EXCELLENT. PLAY IT AGAIN! PLAY IT AGAIN!'

And of course I did... :-)

2:23 am  

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