Monday, May 14, 2007

Aereogramme is no more

Some very, very sad news:
Aereogramme have decided to split up. They released a great new album (My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go) earlier this year, but the continuous lack of commercial success finally took it’s toll. Aereogramme were one of those bands whose admiration for The God Machine was clearly audible in their music, but they had their own sound.

This is an excerpt from the farewell message posted on their MySpace:
“It is with heavy hearts that we tell you all that Aereogramme have decided to split up. Reasons are multiple and complex. It is however fair to say that the never ending financial struggle coupled with an almost superhuman ability to dodge the zeitgeist have taken their toll, ensuring that we just don't have any fight left in us.
We are immensely proud of the four albums that we made over the past seven years. We hope that they continue to grow in your hearts.
We plan to honor and celebrate the beautiful friendships we have made along the way with some final shows over the summer.
Finally we want to thank you all for listening to our music and coming to our shows over the years. You have given us a glimpse of something truly special.”


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Anonymous frederic said...

well, yeah sad news...

'my heart has a wish that you would not go' is my favourite 2007 album so far. it's just perfect. anyway, hope that craig b will keep on singing and writing songs in another (solo ?) project. why not a collaboration with robin ? both voices would be great together... cheers from switzerland !


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of those beardie men lent me 5p to buy some water at an Idlewild gig he was supporting at. What a gent! I vowed I'd pay him back some day and he tossed his head in a manner suggestive of disbelief. However, the next day when I attended the follow up night several counties north in Bristol, I returned the five p and I dont think he remembered who I was. They were very good live.

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