Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fiction discovers its back catalogue

In a recent interview for Swiss magazine '20 Minuten Week' Robin was asked about a possible re-release of The God Machine albums:

"Have you ever considered re-releasing old God Machine records? They're being sold on eBay for a shitload of money.
Robin: Yes, I know. The problem is, I don't own the rights. Universal (who own the rights, ed.) recently asked me if I want to re-release them. And I'd love to do this, but they want to add some old shit stuff to it. But instead, they should just give me my music back!"

The God Machine records were originally released on Fiction Records. Fiction was founded in 1978 as a home for The Cure but folded in 2001. All rights were bought by Universal who revived the label in 2004. One of the current Fiction label bosses is Jim Chancellor, brother of Tool bassist Just Chancellor. Both of them are big God Machine fans...


Anonymous D.J. said...

So are you going to re-release or not? I just found "One Last Laugh" after 10 years of looking for it.

6:59 am  

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