Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sophia - Music for Picnics

When you choose an album title, you want it to be original, right? For instance, naming your new album 'Dark side of the moon' or 'Achtung baby' would be a bit silly, confusing and even worse: pretty pretentious too.

Why am I writing this?
Well, as you might have read on, the initial release of 'Technology Won't Save Us' will have a bonus cd called 'Music For Picnics'. While Googling 'Music for picnics' (to check how fast Google picks up a new news item) I was surprised to find that another album has been released called 'Music for Picnics'. But the real punch line is this: the artist is also called Sophia! What are the bloody chances of that happening?
Check here:


Anonymous Robin Sez... said...

That is so funny...

Really, what are the chances of that happening?

I mean, of course, I didn't 'Google' it (Who has the time these days? Except for you Wouter!) but who would have thought that there would be TWO people silly enough to name something 'Music For Picnics'?

It must be a 'Sophia' thing... :-)

And her reason for calling it 'Music For Picnics' is so much better than mine too 'An element of protest... singing about little morsels'.

Oh well... And there's actually still time for me to change the title, but you know, I'm not going to.

I love ridiculous little coincidences like this in life...

And it's not like it's a proper release. It's just for the Sophia fans that buy the initial album release and hey, they can laugh at the coincidence too.

Kinda makes a nice little story...


2:13 pm  

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